Oh HEY, I’m Allison. 🙃

Ready to manifest your most fulfilling & abundant life?

Oh HEY, I’m Allison. 🙃

Ready to manifest your most fulfilling & abundant life?

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How Manifestation
Changed My Life

Today I’ve managed to create a life that’s fulfilling, freeing and fun as heck!!! But getting to this point wasn’t easy. 😅

There was a point in my life where I despised my job as a waitress, lived paycheck to paycheck, had chronic anxiety along with an eating disorder, was freshly divorced, severely depressed and was living inside of a cockroach infested dump that reeked of mildew and pesticide.

I didn’t even know what the heck I ACTUALLY wanted in my life!

Finally, I got clear on what I wanted and started learning about how to manifest my big dreams into my reality, but I struggled to *actually* manifest the goals I had set for myself …

But after buying expensive programs, reading ten bazillion self help books and taking a crap ton of action, I finally manifested a BIG money goal of mine … I started a business and soon made $38,000 in less than 2 weeks! 🎉 BUT …

The moment I achieved that big goal, I realized that it DIDN’T make me feel at all fulfilled, happy or successful like I thought it would. 😔

My mind instantly thought, “I just need to go BIGGER …” And I then found myself caught in a constant state of thinking, “ONE DAY, when I achieve X goal, THEN I’ll feel peaceful and fulfilled!”

As a result, I struggled to manifest the things I wanted. I became trapped in a cycle of self sabotage, always WAITING for some “perfect” future version of my life where I’d finally feel the peace, fulfillment and happiness that I wanted.

After YEARS of riding on the manifestation struggle bus, it finally hit me: I needed to simplify EVERYTHING, and focus on enjoying my life right now. When I did, I finally started to see the results I’d been trying to manifest for so long! Results like creating a soul-aligned business, hitting “impossible” financial goals, meeting (and marrying!) my dream partner, stepping into the healthiest version of myself and SO much more!

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