What if you could combine manifestation WITH step-by-step business strategy to 10x the results you’ve been dreaming of by working LESS and playing MORE as you create a BIGGER positive impact in the world? 

… Sounds like a dream?

Well today James Wedmore & I are making that dream come true!



Learn from the guy who taught me how to more than TRIPLE my revenue while cutting my work hours in HALF in a single year!

What exactly is Business by Design and
why the heck do I NEED it?

Business by Design is the program I WISH I had waaaay back when I got serious about
turning my online business into a SUSTAINABLE and PROFITABLE business back in 2014. Back then, I was working 12+ hour days, spending countless hours trying to figure things out, wearing ALL the hats (aka I was the graphic designer, copywriter, customer service representative, marketer, teacher and ALL THE THINGS), and as a result, I spent nearly all of my time AWAY from the important revenue-generating activities that I should’ve been focusing on. Instead, I was always going down the Youtube and Google rabbit hole trying to figure out what steps I needed to take in order to “explode” my business results!

Finally, after YEARS worth of struggle, I managed to get my online business profitable.
HOWEVER … I STILL found myself living in chronic anxiety and doing all the things as I continued to work
12+ hour days to stay afloat! THANKFULLY …

In 2017 I somehow stumbled upon a transformational program that combined
ACTUAL tangible business strategies, step-by-step processes AND mindset work that would give me my time AND sanity back while finally “skyrocketing” my business!

That program was BUSINESS BY DESIGN.

When I came across James and BBD in the spring of 2017 I was at my wit’s end. Having already helped thousands of entrepreneurs myself with different aspects of their businesses, and having already gotten myself results like regular 4 figure launches and 20,000+ email subscribers, I couldn’t figure out what I was MISSING. Why I felt like I was on an endless hamster wheel unable to scale … 

All I knew was that I had become a stressed out, overwhelmed and overworked
EMPLOYEE in my own online business.


About 2 weeks after joining, before I had even gone through the entire program, I decided to put one of James’ “plug and play” launch processes to the test. The result? I generated $25,000 in revenue within a week with around only 12 hours of work.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg!

After going through the program and using James’ step-by-step systems and processes, my business finally began to run like a well-oiled machine and I FINALLY made my first hire so that I could focus on the important, revenue-generating tasks that ACTUALLY lit me up (VS being stuck in all of the busy work that I hated.) And within the first full year of joining, I was able to more than TRIPLE my annual revenue while cutting my work hours from 12+ hour days to 4 hour days!

But no … that’s STILL not all!

Doing the inner work inside the program also led me to healing 20+ years worth of CHRONIC ANXIETY.

PLUS … last year I was able to take THREE MONTHS off work to relax and recharge without worrying about money.

To say that this program has completely TRANSFORMED my entire life and business is a MASSIVE understatement!

I can honestly say that BBD was one of the TOP investments I’ve EVER made, not JUST in my business, but in my entire LIFE.

And now this is YOUR opportunity to blend the magical manifestation strategy of Design Your Dream Year
with the step-by-step strategy of Business By Design to experience
the UPLEVELED TRANSFORMATION in you and your biz that you’ve been looking for!

is NOTHING like all of the other business courses and trainings out there.

… it’s a transformational process that will change you from overworked + overwhelmed employee to thriving Digital CEO.

☑️  You’ll discover the self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs that are hiding in your blind spots
and holding you back every single step of the way.

☑️  You’ll get the clarity you need to focus on the RIGHT things in your business so that
you can STOP wasting time on the useless tasks that don’t move the needle.

☑️  You’ll understand exactly what your audience really wants and create digital products
that they’ll be EXCITED and READY to buy.

☑️  You’ll get all of the “done-for-you processes” that you need to save yourself countless hours
of time
and will allow your business to run like a machine that DOESN’T require your constant attention.

☑️  You’ll be on the step-by-step path to accelerated RESULTS with everything your business needs
VS piling on more random courses and trainings that you HOPE will work out …

☑️  You’ll discover how running a successful business REALLY works and how to become
the LEADER that both your audience AND your business needs!

James Wedmore and his team are some of the most BIG HEARTED humans on the planet and will give you the resources and support you need to not JUST grow and scale your business …
but to completely transform yourself from the inside out.

This could be YOU …

See how Bret went from living on food stamps to $12,000 months in a single year! ⬇️

“Within 3 months of starting the program, I completed my first-ever live webinar based launch & hit nearly $20K in sales.  And I have a path to follow for the entire lifetime of my business!”
– Kelli Alaina | Kelli Alaina.com

“I did a co-webinar with a friend for my Build Your Challenge course, and sold another 60+ spots! So I 10x’ed my
Business By Design investment in 30 days and 20x’ed my BBD investment in 120 days!”

– Jada Sellner | Tribe of World Changers

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside

☑️  6 Core Training Modules: That turns everything you THINK you know about business on it’s head
so you can see how today’s successful online businesses ACTUALLY operate

☑️  +12 Play-by-Play Launch Maps & Execution Guides: to save you countless hours of time
and to give you a buildable AND scalable step-by-step manual for selling WAY MORE stuff

☑️  +20 Plug & Play PROCESSES: these are what every business owner NEEDS (but most don’t have)

☑️  +8 LIVE Business-Breakthrough Group Coaching Sessions with James: to get the extra clarity,
support and answers you need along your journey

☑️  A Team of 9 BBD Coaches That Have Your BACK: feel the love, suppport and accountability
from their team of TRAINED BBD coaches (no more posting in the FB group only to get back crickets)

☑️  A TICKET to BBD LIVE EVENT: as a member of BBD, you’ll get a ticket to the VERY BEST business
event in the industry so that you can connect, collaborate and create breakthroughs in your business

Yep that’s me making friends with other big-hearted entrepreneurs
at one of the A-MAZING live events! 🙂

But the juicy goodness doesn’t stop there …

Enroll in Business by Design and get 8 EXCLUSIVE Design Your Dream Year BONUSES!

➡️  BONUS 1: Design Your Dream Business Intention Setting PDF Workbook ($87 VALUE)

➡️  BONUS 2: Design Your Dream Business Meditation ($97 VALUE)

➡️  BONUS 3: Design Your Dream Business Hypnosis ($97 VALUE)

➡️  BONUS 4: Aligned & Unstoppable: Magnetic Leadership Masterclass ($397 VALUE)

➡️  BONUS 5: WorkFLOW: Create an Energized + Inspired
Biz Schedule Masterclass ($397 VALUE)

➡️  BONUS 6: Manifest Money Like Magic BUNDLE ($697 VALUE)

➡️  BONUS 7: 10 Powerful Manifesting Rituals to Grow Your Business PDF ($87 VALUE)

➡️  BONUS 8: My $38k promotional calendar template w/ email swipe files ($197 VALUE)

How to get your Design Your Dream Year BONUSES:

1.) Sign up for BBD through THIS page anytime between June 28th – July 1st by clicking on any of the enrollment buttons on this page (which’ll take you to the BBD enrollment page using my affiliate link where you can then sign up!)

2.) You will receive immediate access to Business by Design

3.) Send us a screenshot of your BBD purchase receipt to hello@designyourdreamyear.com in order to confirm your DYDY bonus package

4.) Receive access to your DYDY bonuses on August 4th, 2021 (giving you plenty of time to dive into BBD before I come in and share with you all of the juicy bonuses to help you manifest the business of your dreams and take it to the next level!)

Business by Design is everything you need to start, grow and scale your online business … and my exclusive bonuses
will catapult you to the next level!

BONUS #1 ($87 VALUE)


Ready to design a business that feels ALIGNED with your deepest dreams and desires as you set powerful intentions for your business that’ll ACTUALLY manifest? I’ll walk you through my empowering step-by-step process in this super simple workbook! 

BONUS #2 ($97 VALUE)


Meditation is an INCREDIBLE tool for slowing down your mind and getting in touch with your intuition (which is ALWAYS trying to lead you in the BEST possible direction!) Not only did meditation help me to heal my 20 years of chronic anxiety, but I also get many of my BEST business ideas while meditating!

Relax and listen to this meditation to tap into your most creative business ideas and intuitive downloads that’ll catapult your biz forward in just 15 minutes.

BONUS #3 ($97 VALUE)


Ready to reprogram your subconscious mind (which is responsible for 90% of your reality!) so that you can more effortlessly create the business and life that you’re dreaming of?

Hypnosis is one of the most POWERFUL tools for subconscious reprogramming- and with just 10 minutes of listening you can begin to rewire yourself into becoming the unstoppable Digital CEO your biz needs!

BONUS #4 ($397 VALUE)


Ready to show up powerfully and authentically to magnetically attract your dream customers with ease? Learn how to stand out and become the LEADER that your audience and business needs!

BONUS #5 ($397 VALUE)


Imagine working from a place of pure alignment, creativity and FLOW. It’s time to create a schedule that floods your daily life with the inspiration, confidence and aligned action that creates the REAL results in your online business!  

BONUS #6 ($697 VALUE)


Ready to tap into your manifesting powers and overhaul your relationship with money so that you can create the $5k, $10k, $25k (or more!) months that you’ve been dreaming of? This epic BUNDLE includes everything you need to take your money manifesting powers to the next level! THIS BUNDLE INCLUDES:


  • Manifest Money Like Magic Masterclass
  • Deep Dive Manifest Money Journal Prompts
  • Manifest Money Meditation
  • Manifest Money Hypnosis
  • Manifest Money EFT Tapping Session
  • Bank of the Universe Manifesting Checks

BONUS #7 ($87 VALUE)


I’m so excited to share my top 10 most POTENT and POWERFUL manifesting rituals that I love using to create incredible results in my business!

BONUS #8 ($197 VALUE)


A complete breakdown of the fun and easy promotion I did that generated $38,000 in revenue in a single week. We’re talking what I did before AND during the promotion, including the EXACT emails that I sent!

PLUS you’ll get ACCESS to James Wedmore and everything you see below!


Go from overwhelmed, confused and unclear to focused, unstuck & unstoppable with James during these breakthrough group sessions. If you’re not sure how to implement BBD, or if you don’t know whether you’re moving in the right direction, or you’re feeling confused about how a particular solution applies to YOUR business idea, then James has got you covered!


You’ll get the exact same resources and guides that I’ve used in my own business to more than triple my annual revenue while cutting my work hours by more than half! This includes templates for landing pages, sales pages, sales videos, checkout pages, email sequences, webinar templates and sooo much more! You’ll also get step-by-step launch maps for every type of launch imaginable, including launching with challenges, video series, webinars, email sequences, evergreen launches and more!


Imagine how much faster you’ll grow when you’re surrounded by thousands of people who are doing the same thing everyday (this is legit one of the BEST, most supportive communities that you can join as a Digital CEO! Plus, you’ll be getting extra suport from the 9 trained BBD coaches as well. I really can’t recommend this amazing community enough!)


James will guide you through the same mindset exercises & processes that he’s tested with his 7-figure mastermind students to get you clear & on track (this is where you’ll finally discover the pesky blind spots that are currently holding you back!)


Here you’ll master the key habits & strategies of being ultra effective so that you know exactly where to focus your limited time AND energy each day! James will literally hand you his ENTIRE framework for how to operate an online business of ANY size.


This is where you’ll create the right produt path, offers & business model that suits YOUR needs AND the needs of your ideal customer! (Get this right and you’ll avoid being overworked & underpaid forever.)


Find out how you can work less while focusing on the things that will actually GROW your online business with a team. James will show you how to get the support you need- REGARDLESS of your budget or stage in business! (PLEASE don’t try to do everything by yourself for years like I did, mmkay?)


Create and sell irresistible offers with magnetic messaging that CONVERTS. Here, James literally hands you the same templates & frameworks that his entire team uses (I use them too!) so that you don’t have to waste countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel.


Look at your business through a completely new “anything is possible” lens so that you can finally eliminate the time-wasting activities that suck your energy and leave you with nothing to show for your effort. (You’ll also find out how to zero in on and automate the most effective strategies in your business so that you can work less & make more!)

Enroll in Business By Design And Unlock The
6 or 7-Figure Digital CEO Inside You!

Want to hear from MORE students who have found success with BBD?

(BESIDES me, of course!) 😉


check out the FAQs about BBD to help you make the most aligned decision that will work best for you and your business!

1. If I don’t have a business yet, am I ready for Business by Design?

 Hell YES! (As long as you want to START an online business.) BBD was structured in a way that supports ALL entrepreneurs; total beginners to seasoned business owners. The range of information you’ll receive can take your idea and turn it into a running business, as well as scale your current business beyond the threshold you may think is possible. BBD is a program that you’ll cycle through over and over again, so if you’re a newbie in the biz world, then this is 100% for you!

2. I have nothing to sell yet. Is Business by Design right for me?

Ummm ABSOLUTELY! Business by Design gives you the complete step-by-step to successfully launching your first digital product, course or membership- so if you’re looking for guidance on where to start, then BBD is the place! Combine this with the stuff you’ll be doing with your mindset, and you’ll be able to create an offer that feels 100% aligned.

3. Do I have to have an established list to enroll in the BBD program?

Nope. 🙂 BBD provides you with a list building strategy that will teach you the specific steps and action items that will help you effectively create and grow your email list. You’ll also get training material that will teach you how to successfully reac your ideal customer!

4. This seems like A LOT, how much time will it take to implement BBD and the Design Your Dream Year bonuses?

If you’re thinking, “Allison, I have SO much to do in my business already, I’m a one woman (or man) show! I don’t know if I’ll have time for all of this …”

Then allow me to stop you right there. 🙂

You can’t NOT afford to put in the time & effort into creating effective systems in your business which will provide you the FREEDOM in your business.

I know it sounds like a paradox, but if you want to get to a place where you’re not working 12-18+ hours a day (like I used to!) then you NEED to invest the time to LEARN how to grow a sustainable business. I know you want to get to that place where you can take an entire MONTH off work, right? (Heck, I took THREE MONTHS off work last year all thanks to BBD!)

Plus, you’ll have LIFETIME access to BBD and all of the Design Your Dream Year Bonuses, meaning you can revisit and re-learn everything in this program so that you NEVER feel lost again. And honestly? You can move as slow or as fast as you’d like. At the end of the day, your most successful version of yourself will make time for what’s important to you!

5. I’m a PERFECTIONIST and I struggle with self-doubt before I release my work & offers. Will BBD X DYDY help me?

Damn right they will! You likely feel like your work isn’t “good enough yet” because there’s some disempowering beliefs around business and work floating around in your subconscious mind. This is where manifestation & mindset work really help in your business! The bonuses I’ve created for you, coupled with BBD and the mazing community, will turn you into that CONFIDENT and DRIVEN CEO you wanna be!

6. How many LIVE coaching calls will I get with James?

As a member of BBD, you’ll have the opportunity to attend 8 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with James himself! In addition to the initial 8 LIVE Group Coaching Calls, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend any future Coaching Calls that are scheduled after the initial 8 calls are over. (And no worries if you can’t attend live, you WILL get replays to all of them!)

7. Approximately how much money will I need to invest and which other software programs will I be required to purchase in order to successfully implement the BBD training material?

Once you’ve enrolled in the BBD program, you will not be required to make any additional investments to get started with BBD! However, inside BBD, you’ll get access to more information and introduced to software programs that will support you and your business as you grow and scale. Eventually, you may want to invest in some of the software programs that are mentioned inside!

8. Can my team go through the program with me?

TOTALLY! In fact, doing that is highly encouraged. 🙂

Enroll in Business By Design + Get the Design Your Dream Year Bonuses TODAY








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