Ignoring Your Body is Keeping You From Being in True Alignment

The more I’ve been tapping into my body, the more I’m realizing how many
times in the past my body has told me NO, while my mind screamed YES

and I listened to my MIND and completely ignored my body. 😅

But ignoring our bodies is actually keeping us from being in true alignment
that place where things just flow so much easier, feel so much better, and seem to just effortlessly move us in the direction that we want to go in!

And THAT is exactly what I’m talking about in today’s episode: how to tune
into your BODY to make better, more aligned decisions in your life.

Whether it’s choosing rest over routine or honoring our social boundaries,
our body always knows what will truly serves us! And if you’re someone who finds yourself frequently overruled by your loud mind, what you “should” do or the pressure of societal expectations, then THIS episode is especially for you. 😊

In this episode we chat about:

  • Is your routine serving you or draining you? Learn to recognize
    when to push through and when to pause 
  • Practical steps to feel safe in your body and clear emotional clutter for
    better decision making
  • How to tune into your BODY to make aligned decisions-
    when to say YES and when to say NO.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below and let me know! 😊



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