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Can’t seem to manifest what you want no matter how hard you push? 

This subliminal audio is an A-MAZING, EASY and EFFECTIVE method for
reprogramming your subconscious mind to get it “on board” with your desires so that you can
finally manifest them faster and easier than you ever thought possible!


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This is how it works:


Receive instant access to the 1 hour and 11 minute subliminal audio as an MP3 file and then save it to any devices for listening to it (phone, desktoptop etc.)


Pop in your headphones and listen to it in the background for 60-90 days. You do NOT need to actively listen or pay attention! Cook, clean, sleep, work, etc.


Watch as you start to easily and automatically develop the habits + behaviors needed for your desired result (or as you attract exactly what you asked for!)

Nothing I tried worked. Ugh.


There were certain things I reeeeeally wanted to manifest (like a healthier, more fit body and to hit certain money goals in my business), BUT …

It was like no matter what I did or how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to do it. I either kept falling off the bandwagon with the habits I needed, or no matter what I seemed to do in my business, nothing changed.

UNTIL I started listening to this subliminal audio! 🤩

So what the heck happened?

The simple KEY
to effortless manifestation

The reason why we struggle to manifest certain things is because all too often, we have limiting subconscious beliefs that are CONTRADICTING what we want to manifest. For instance, you might want to manifest $10k months, but SUBconsciously, you hold the belief that “rich people are greedy” or “money is a struggle.”

And because your subconscious mind is extremely powerful, it will always MATCH your reality to fit the core beliefs it has within it! So if you unknowingly have subconscious beliefs that are contradicting what you want, then manifesting it will be a HUGE struggle. 😬

Thankfully, subliminal audios are an effective and easy way to repgoram your subconscious mind to make manifesting SO. MUCH. EASIER.


What are subliminal audios &

why do they work? ✨🤔

Subliminals are messages (either pictures or words) that are inconceivable
to your conscious mind and are only perceived by your subconscious mind. Basically, they are messages that effect your mind without you even being aware of them!

In this case, we’re talking about subliminal audios, and they’re incredibly effective because your conscious mind literally doesn’t hear the dozens of positive affirmations as they’re oh-so-quietly repeated over and over again underneath the music playing. This is KEY to a subliminal’s effectiveness, because your conscious mind can’t REJECT anything! The reason why certain affirmations don’t work for you is because you have soooo much programming around the OPPOSITE of the affirmation, and your
conscious mind is calling BS on them and they get rejected …

so they don’t work. 😅

For example, if you’ve never made more than $40k a year, and you affirm to yourself, “I easily make six figures per year,” then your conscious mind is going to call BS and reject that affirmation as a lie.

BUT… if your conscious mind can’t actually HEAR the affirmations, then well … there’s nothing to reject!

And since the subconscious mind hears EVERYTHING, it’s only your subconscious mind that will pick up on the subliminals. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is imagined VS actual reality, so when it hears these positive affirmations again and again, it will eventually accept them as your truth and go to work in the most incredible ways to make them your reality!

This method requires almost zero effort

but delivers MAXIMUM impact. 🤩

Simply pop in your headphones and passively listen to your subliminal audio playing in the background once per day for 60-90 days.

Aaaaaand that’s it. 😛

You seriously just listen to it playing in the background (no need to pay attention!) as you cook, clean, work, sleep, pet your cat, go for a walk … you get the gist. 😉

The affirmations will be so quiet that you’ll hear little to nothing …

Until suddenly one day, you’ll “coincidentally” notice that certain habits that were once nearly impossible for you to keep suddenly come automatically to you …

And you’ll start to “coincidentally” attract the exact ideas, opportunities, people or resources you need to bring your desired manifestation into reality! 🤯

It’s not magic … it’s the power of your subconscious mind working FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU like it has in the past. 🎉

Ready to get near effortless results?


You have two options:

Grab it for only $9

Prefer to go the manifestation journey alone?
Simply grab the subliminal audio
by itself and get started. 😊

Get it for FREE

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You have two options:

Go the manifestation journey alone

OR … ⬇️

Get it for free (in addition to on-demand training, tools and support) when you join the amazing manifestation community


How to get
the BEST results:

➡️ Listen once per day for 60-90 consecutive days

➡️ Use headphones 

➡️ Listen while you do whatever you want- even sleep! It’s meant to simply be background music as you go about doing whatever you want to do- you DON’T need to actively listen or pay attention. 

For FAQs, see below! 😊

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I download my subliminals?

A: Immediately upon purchase, you’ll receive the link for downloading your subliminal audio as an MP3 file. From there, you can download your subliminal and save it to your phone and / or to your desktop or laptop! I personally listen to them on my computer while working and on my phone while sleeping.

Q: Can I buy this, try this and then ask for a refund?

A: Due to the immediate download nature of this product (and the fact that you must listen to it consistently for 60-90 days to see real results, there are no refunds.)

Q: How are these subliminal audios different from listening to your
hypnosis recordings?

A: The biggest difference between listening to a hypnosis recording VS a subliminal audio is that with the subliminal audio, you do not need to actively listen, and you can do whatever you want WHILE you listen.You simply listen to your subliminal audio while you do whatever … cooking, working, walking, even sleeping! This is because the affirmations are at such a low volume that you cannot consciously hear them, and therefore they go straight into your subconscious mind (VS while listening to a hypnosis recording, you must be in a relaxed “half asleep” state in order to be receptive to the clearly audible affirmations.) Ultimately, both hypnosis AND subliminals are effective ways to reprogram your subconscious mind, but subliminals are generally easier for your subconscious mind to accept because they require less conscious effort on your part.

Q: Wait, I can’t hear the affirmations! Is something wrong?

A: Nope. 🙂 Not being able to consciously hear the affirmations is what makes them so effctive, because your conscious mind can’t “reject” anything (occasionally you might hear a small whisper of them, but that’s about it!) The volume of the affirmations has been intentionally lowered so that they are nearly impossible to hear underneath the music, but they are definitely playing

Q: If I can’t hear the affirmations, how do I know what you’re saying?

A: When you purchase this subliminal audio, you will also receive the complete list of all the affirmations that I’m repeating throughout the audio.

Q: Do I have to use headphones for them to be effective?

A: If wearing headphones isn’t comfortable or pheasable for you, then you can still benefit from listening to subliminal audios as long as you have the volume up high enough. The reason why headphones are recommended is because subliminal audios contain very low-volume messages that are designed to bypass the conscious mind and directly reach the subconscious mind. Wearing headphones ensures that the messages are delivered directly to your ears without any external noise interference, allowing for a more focused and direct transmission.

Q: How many days do you recommened listening to them?

A: Listen to your subliminal audio at least once per day for a  minimum of 60 consecutive days, but I recommend 90 days if you’d like to make extra sure that the messages have been solidified into your subconscious. However, you can definitely start to experiece the positive benefits well BEFORE you reach the 60-90 day period!

Q: When can I expect to see results?

A: While it’s recommended that you listen to your subliminal audio at least once per day for a  minimum of 60-90 consecutive days, it’s definitely possible to start to experiece some positive benefits well BEFORE you reach the 60-90 day period, sometimes in as little as a week or two. 

Q: What type of results can I expect?

A: Whatever results would be in alignement with your desired manifestation. You might notice habits that you once had to “force yourself” to do start to become easy, to the point where you actually WANT to do them! You might notice that you naturally start behaving in a way that’s aligned with the version of you who already has your desired result. You might “coincidentally” get ideas or inspired actions that lead your manifestation to unfolding …

For example, if you’re wanting to become the healthiest version of yourself, you might notice that you start actually WANTING to eat healthy foods instead of the normal takeout that you crave. You may find yourself actually craving and ENJOYING body movement instead of the usual forced willpower that it may have taken you to get up and moving  in the past.

Or if you’re wanting to grow your business to hit a particular revenue goal, you might suddenly get inspired with the money-making idea that you need to finally move the needle! You might notice that “coincidentally,” certain resources or people show up that take your business in the direction that leads to your desired result.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: We love questions! Simply email us at: hello@designyourdreamyear.com and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours on business days (Mon – Fri).





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