What if the life you’ve imagined could become your ACTUAL reality?

Unlock your highest potential and reach your BIGGEST goals in 2021
(without all of the pressure, pushing and constant hustle to “make things happen”)
with the Design Your Dream Vision 3-Day workshop!


Now only $47!

(Pssst, lock in this ridiculously low price today because it’ll be going up soon!)

Let’s face it … 

the last thing you need in 2021 is a bunch of goals that feel impossible and a
giant to-do list that makes you feel
defeated before you even get started!

Which is why in this 3-Day Design Your Dream Vision workshop, you’ll learn my tried and true process for getting
crystal clarity on what you REALLY want in your life, how to create an aligned action plan for the next 12 months to turn your Dream Vision into a DOABLE, living reality and (most importantly), how to ACTUALLY follow through and reach your goals 
without all of the pressure, self sabotage and constant hustle to “make things happen.”  


Tell me if any of these sound a little
(or a LOT) like you …

💜  You feel like you’re just going through the motions in life. You KNOW there’s more out there for you
and you WANT to feel fulfilled but … you just don’t know what that would actually LOOK LIKE.

💜  You always find yourself living for “someday.” “Once I finally have enough time … THEN I’ll go after my dream!” “Once I make X amount of money, THEN I’ll be happy!” “Once I have my dream home, THEN I’ll feel content!”

💜  You’ve got dreams for how you’d like your life to be, but you’ve got no clue HOW to get there and honestly?
You’ve got major doubts that it’s even possible to begin with.

💜  You’ve got SO many responsibilities to juggle and a limited schedule, which makes actually tackling your dreams seem virtually impossible– ESPECIALLY with everything that’s currently going on in the world!

💜  You put tons of pressure on yourself when you set goals and feel burdened by the anxiety and frustration
you experience when you’re “not on track” (and then you feel like utter crap when you miss the mark!)

💜  You’ve tried other goal setting methods before (basically every single year!) and they DON’T WORK.
You never feel like you come away with an actual WORKABLE plan for achieving what you want to achieve!

💜  (And even if you DO have a plan, you struggle to actually FOLLOW THROUGH with it!)

… But what if there was a DOABLE way to start creating
your dream life RIGHT NOW (not 10 years from now!) in a way that felt rewarding, fulfilling and fun?

Well my friend …

that’s eeeeexactly why I created this transformative 3-day workshop bundle!

To help you not JUST get clarity on exactly what you want in your life (along with a step-by-step, DOABLE plan for making it your reality), but to show you why most traditional goal setting + planning methods SERIOUSLY SUCK (and what YOU need to do instead!) in order to follow through and create your dream life FASTER and EASIER.


Imagine …

💜  Knowing exactly what your dream year (and life!) looks like and having a step-by-step, DOABLE action plan for making it your reality as quickly and easily as possible …

💜  Having the tools you need to ACTUALLY follow through, overcome fear and reach your goals without the pressure, pushing and constant hard work to “make things happen” …

💜  Beginning to break old patterns, release old habits and stepping into the TOTAL BADASS that you are …

💜  Experiencing more peace, fun and fulfillment RIGHT NOW …

All of this is possible in AS LITTLE AS 3 DAYS with the Design Your Dream Vision workshop! BUT that’s not all …

Imagine where you could be just
12 months from now …

You’re relaxing on the couch as you look back over the last 12 months of your life
and you realize that the goals you had set for yourself (goals that you initially thought were “impossible”) ACTUALLY happened! 
Goals like:

  • Finally paying off your debt and saving a down payment for your very first home 
  • Feeling energized, healthy and vibrant every single day
  • Starting that side business you’ve secretly been wanting to start for a bazillion years (and it’s a SUCCESS!)
  • Having time every single week to do the things that make your soul happy
  • Getting a promotion at work (or landing a job that FULFILLS and EXCITES you!)
  • Waking up feeling MOTIVATED and INSPIRED by your life 

Imagine reaching whatever dreams and desires that are in YOUR heart!

No, it’s NOT “too good to be true” and YES, all of that (and more!)
becomes possible when you take the first step
and Design Your Dream Vision. 


By the end of this 3-Day Workshop:

  • You’ll have crystal clarity on what your DREAM YEAR looks like (a year that’s in complete alignment with who YOU really are and what YOU really want), which is the first step to actually making it happen!
  • You’ll have an actionable, 100% DOABLE step-by-step plan for the next 12 months so that you know what steps to take in order to reach your dream vision with way more fun, flow and ease.
  • You’ll understand how to hit your biggest goals and improve the quality of your life WITHOUT all of the yucky pressure, pushing and working your butt off in order to “make things happen.”
  • You’ll understand how to make the exact events, opportunities, steps, ideas and resources you need for making your dream vision a reality magically present themselves to you exactly when you need them.
  • You’ll start experiencing more peace, fulfillment and fun RIGHT NOW  not 12 months from now.

And most importantly, you’ll have taken the first MASSIVE step
(that most people never take!) towards creating the life of your dreams. 

But what makes this different than all of the other traditional goal setting methods and workshops out there?

Well … A LOT. (And that’s a GOOD thing!)

Unlike traditional methods, this workshop addresses
3 key elements that are absolutely ESSENTIAL for not just following through and actually getting to your desired outcome, but for doing it faster and easier!

I’m talk’in about things like …

1.) How to get your subconscious mind on board with your goals.

Not doing this is THE reason why things like new years resolutions have a 90% fail rate!
People will set goals but then, on a
subconscious level, they have beliefs that CONFLICT with what they want, which then leads to self sabotage. (Aka you’re all like, “my goal is to make one MILLION dollars!”But then your subconscious mind is all like “NOPE.”That’s why the ENTIRE visioning + goal setting process we’ll be going through is aligned with getting your subconscious mind to work FOR you, not against you.

2.) Understanding the science behind how energy actually works to create your ENTIRE physical reality.

If you’ve ever thought that all of the energy stuff is just a bunch of “woo,” think again! 😉
In this workshop we’ll be talking about how your physical reality is ACTUALLY created on an energetic level, and how to get YOUR energy into alignment with what you’d like to create so that you can utilize the power of physics to create an entirely NEW reality for yourself!

3.) How to balance goal setting and planning with using your intuition and taking inspired action.

If you find yourself always pushing, working super hard and busting your butt to “make things happen”, then chances are you’re not using your intuition enough and taking INSPIRED actions.
Balancing planning with the right amount of of “leaving room for magic” is essential for more fun, flow
and ease! (And lucky for you, this is something that we’ll cover.) 😉

Plus, we’ll be doing meditations, rituals and visualizations all geared to help you create the BEST year you’ve had yet!


Here’s what you’ll learn inside this 3-day workshop (and you get LIFETIME
access to the content!):

You’ll get clear on what YOUR dream vision for the year looks like and how to turn it into your ACTUAL reality by creating a doable, actionable plan for the next 12 months! But that’s not all ….

Understand how to learn from (and let go of!) the past in order
to create the FUTURE that you want by getting walked through a powerful exercise and meditation to help you
go from victim to VISIONARY of your life.

Get clear on what YOU really want (not on what you think you want,
not on what society tells you to want, not on what your parents or friends want) … but on what YOU really, truly want!

Learn how to use the power of your imagination to create a CLEAR and COMPELLING dream vision for the year (including visualization tips to make this super effective even if you don’t consider yourself good at visualizing) and a workbook to walk you through everything!

Create a step-by-step action plan for the next 12 months in order to turn your dream VISION into a doable, living reality.
But not just ANY ‘ol plan! We’re talking about a plan that’s backed by intuition and INSPIRED action so that you can make your dream vision a reality
 with way more fun, flow and ease!

Get your subconscious mind on board with your dream vision and goals so that you can bust through your limiting beliefs, follow through and let your subconscious do the heavy lifting in order to reach your goals with way less pushing, grinding and efforting(Btw once you understand how to start reprogramming your subconscious mind, you literally unlock LIMITLESS possibilities for your life!)

Understand how energy works to create your physical reality and
how to align your energy with the VISION you’re creating in order to literally draw in all of the ideas, resources, people and opportunities that you need to make your dream vision happen! (Pssst, you’ll also discover that this isn’t silly, it’s SCIENCE.) 😉

Discover how to balance planning with using your intuition
and taking inspired action in order to create way more opportunities, magic and momentum! (Including how to distinguish the mind from your inuition and loads of tips for HOW to atually tap into
your intuition
 for maximum guidance daily!)

Go from MEH to MOTIVATED with simple but ultra powerful tools that
you can implement in a DAY. (Plus, you’ll discover what the heck you should do if you’re not on track!”) 

And best of all? You can use this 3 day workshop to create life-changing breakthroughs and reach your biggest goals year after year! 


And did I mention that you’ll be all set
to make 2021 your BEST year yet in just THREE days? 

Some people go their ENTIRE LIVES without gaining the level of clarity that you’ll have in just three days.

Some people spend YEARS trying to figure out the “how” for their dreams, but you’ll get it in just three days.

MOST people NEVER EVEN GET STARTED with intentionally creating their dream life, but YOU will in …

Yep, you guessed it …

just three days. 😉


Ready to get the clarity, tools and
action plan you need (in just 3 days!!!) to make 2021 the year where you start
living your dream life?

(Ummm, OF COURSE you are!)

Design Your Dream Vision TODAY!


Now only $47!

(Pssst don’t wait-  the price will be going up soon!)

So whose teaching this thing?

Meeeeee! (I mean … Allison Marshall. Ehem.)

I’m a 10+ year full-time entrepreneur, self development junkie and mega optimist whose OBSESSED with helping you to dream big, embody your full potential and take meaningful action so that you can create a life that LIGHTS YOU THE HECK UP!!!

And while I’m currently living my dream life today … 

that hasn’t always been the case. 

There was a point in my life where I despised my job as a waitress, lived paycheck to paycheck, had chronic anxiety along with an eating disorder, was freshly divorced, severely depressed, cutting my wrists to numb the pain and was living inside a cockroach infested apartment that reeked of mildew and pesticide! 

Until FINALLY one day … I hit my breaking point.

I decided that I was sick and tired of feeling miserable!

I WANTED to create a life that I loved living, but I was unsure of where to start or what to DO so … I decided to just DREAM.

And through that process of dreaming, I created a clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like! And well … the rest is history. 😉 

I began to do things like create vision boards, set goals and plan out my year as I dove head first into all things self development … WHICH resulted in me starting my own business and embarking on my 10+ year entrepreneurial journey … WHICH resulted in me doing even MORE self development … WHICH resulted in me eventually diving deep into the world of energy and spirituality!

And through it all, I’ve been able to achieve and create things
that I once thought were “impossible,” like creating my own profitable businesses, hitting financial goals that I had only dreamed about, healing my 20 years of chronic anxiety, finding my dream partner, getting my dream apartment and, most importantly … creating a life that’s FULFILLING AF where I get to live in alignment with who I really am and what lights me up!

And that’s EXACTLY why I created this 3-Day Design Your
Dream Vision Workshop bundle.

So that YOU too can, regardless of what your past or present circumstances are, step into your power and start creating a life that’s FILLED TO THE FREAKING BRIM with all of the happiness, health, wealth, fun and fulfillment that YOU deserve!

And designing your dream VISION is the very first step. 😊 

I’ve taken the BEST of what I’ve learned, discovered and applied over the last 10 years to create a unique approach to goal setting and planning- one that turns traditional goal setting methods (which generally SUCK) on their heads so that you can ACTUALLY start
creating your dream life
right now … not months or years from now!


This won’t take up tons of time for you to implement.

You also don’t need to have a bazillion hours per week and a super flexible schedule in order to be able to start going after your dreams, desires and goals!


You can watch & implement the entire workshop in just 3 days.

What you’ll learn in this workshop is the antithesis of the traditional “spend tons of time working your butt off doing all the things to make things happen” method.



Who is the
Design Your Dream Vision workshop for?

1. People who are ready to live
a more fulfilling life and reach their biggest goals right NOW.

You want to experience more fulfillment, freedom and fun in your life and you want to experience it NOW- not 10 years (or even 12 months) from now.

2. People who have dreams for their life, but aren’t sure HOW the heck to make them happen.

You dream of things like fulfilling relationships, career success and financial freedom … BUT you don’t see HOW to make it happen and honestly … you have doubts that it’s even possible.

3. People who are always living for “someday.” 

You find yourself always thinking things like,
“I’ll be happy when I get my dream home” or “I’ll feel successful when I’ve made six figures” or “I’ll feel free when I finally get that promotion …”

4. People who’ve been burned by traditional goal setting. 

You’re sick of dreaming big and setting goals only to end up feeling pressured, overwhelmed and defeated- ESPECIALLY when it feels like you never end up actually reaching them!!!

5. People who are ready to create a life that’s in alignment with who they are & what lights them up! 

You want to break out of the box by letting go of all the cultural programming, belief systems and attachments that have been holding you back and keeping you small to create a life you LOVE!

“I’ve already got goals and a plan- 
I don’t need this!”

Clarity on what you want for the year and a plan for making it happen is a GREAT start!


That’s like JUST having the sprinkles on top of the ice cream sundae WITHOUT having the actual sundae.

The reason why 95% of people fail to a.) follow through with their plan and b.) never reach their desired outcome is BECAUSE that’s all they have. However, that’s NOT all they actually NEED. 

Failing to get your subconscious mind on board with your goals + life vision along with ignoring the energetics is what causes self sabotage, lack of follow through and constant “DOING” with painfully slow progress.

Lucky for you, this 3-day workshop addresses ALL of the things you actually NEED. 😉


What you get when you enroll in
Design Your Dream Vision:

3-Day Gameplan

 … to get clarity on your
dream vision and aligned action plan for the year

Design Your Dream Vision Workbook

 … to implement what you learn
and solidify your dreams

6 Step E.M.B.O.D.Y. process and PDF guide

 … to set goals that both you &
your subconscious believe in 

My 4 step F.L.I.P.

 … to reach your goals with way more fun, flow and ease (flip
off that hustle mentality!)

Live Your Dream Meditation

 … to calm your mind, spark your imagination & align your energy with your dream vision

bonus training

 … get powerful tools to keep the motivation going strong day after day, week after week

“Holy crap that’s a lot of stuff for just $47! Are you serious?!”

Damn right.

The Design Your Dream Vision workshop is honestly worth 10 or even 20 times what I’m charging!

After all, it’ll help you to seriously upgrade the quality of your life, tap into your full potential
and reach whatever goals that you set for yourself … goals like creating fulfilling relationships, career success, financial freedom, better health, more fulfillment … the sky’s the limit!


My goal here is to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are,
wherever you are, 
because you DESERVE to live a life that’s
filled to the freaking brim with
EVERYTHING that your heart desires!

And I don’t want you to start going after the life that you’ve imagined SOMEDAY … I want you to
take the leap and start going after it

So I’ve priced this 3-day workshop bundle insanely low so that you don’t have to waste time hemming and hawing, agonizing and over analyzing … you can just sign up and get started!


Sign up before it’s too late!

You DESERVE to live a life that sets your soul on fire …
and it all starts here.


Now only $47!

(Time’s running out to sign up and the price will be going up soon!)

“But why the urgency, Allison?”

1. The price will be going up soon. 

I’ve priced this 3-day workshop bundle INSANELY LOW to make it a no-brainer  for you because I want you to start creating your dream life TODAY- not “someday.” However, BECAUSE it’ priced so low, it’s not going to be staying at this insanely low price for long.

2. With everything going on, your dreams + desires are more important NOW than ever! 

Now more than ever, with all of the chaos and fear in the world, what society needs are people who are happy, thriving and LIT THE HECK UP. Because when YOU’RE thriving, it creates a beautiful ripple effect and in turn, helps OTHERS to thrive. (For example, how would YOU thriving in say, your health + wealth positively affect your family and loved ones?)

3. Life is short- all you have is TODAY.

Not to get all morbid or anything but let’s face it …tomorrow isn’t a guarantee. You have NO IDEA how long your life will last. If you’re always putting off things like your happiness, desires and dreams then chances are, the day you ACTUALLY live them will likely never come. All you have for CERTAIN is this moment- right now.

Here’s how this works …

1. Sign up for the Design Your Dream Vision 3-Day Workshop right here. 

2. You’ll immediately get a confirmation page along with a confirmation email  with your workshop
access + login details. And yes, you’ll have LIFETIME access to all of the workshop content, bonuses and updates (including additional LIVE sessions of it), year after year!

3. Follow the 3-Day process to get clarity on your dream vision for the year and 12-month action plan for making your dream vision a DOABLE living reality. 

4. Use the F.L.I.P. method (taught during the workshop) to reach your goals with way more fun, flow and ease!

FAQs About Design Your Dream Vision

Explain how this is different than traditional goal setting methods + workshops one more time? (Because I’ve tried those aaaaand … they haven’t worked for me.)

Unfortunately, most traditional goal setting methods and workshops tend to set you up for failure right from the getgo because they ignore the most CRITICAL aspects when it comes to actually following through and taking the actions you need to take in order to reach your desired outcome! (This is why things like new years resolutions have a 90% failure rate. Yikes!)

However, this workshop is different because it sets you up for SUCCESS by addressing the 3 key elements that are ESSENTIAL: 1.) How to get your subconscious mind on board with your vision and goals, 2.) how energy works to create your ENTIRE physical reality so that you can align yours accordingly, and 3.) how to balance goal setting and planning with using your intuition and taking inspired action. 

Once you dive in and go through this process, you’ll never go back to traditional goal setting again!

I’ve already created my goals and plan for the year. Do I still need this?

Well let me ask you this … as you look at the desired outcome you’re wanting to create and all of your goals, do you feel 100% confident about your ability to achieve them? If you answered “no,” then yes, you definitely need this workshop! And if you answered “yes,” then you probably STILL need this workshop unless you’ve been doing the deep energetic work and subconscious reprogramming!

Because even though YOU might be saying, “YES! I’ve got this!!!” Your subconscious mind is likely going, “NOPE.”

When does this start? When do I get access to everything? Is this 3-day workshop live?? 

No, this workshop is NOT live (although it was originally done live!) You’ll get IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME access to this 3-day workshop and you can start it whenever you’re ready. (But obviously I’d love for you to start it SOONER rather than later!)

Can I buy this, try this and then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the Design Your Dream Vision workshop—and the fact that you could consume the replays in just a few, short hours—we do not offer refunds.

But let’s be honest … once you complete the workshop, create your dream vision and aligned action plan for the year and are feeling 100% empowered, you’ll proooobably be thinking of a DIFFERENT r-word: Referral. 😉 #damnright

What if I’m already too busy with kids at home full-time and barely have a free hour in my day to do anything?!

I totally get it. Life can be crazy busy sometimes- especially right now! BUT. You don’t need hours upon hours to do this workshop and actually IMPLEMENT the content. This Design Your Dream Vision workshop is a 3-day process for easy implementation, even if you only have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed or in the morning before they wake up. You’ve totally got this!

(Plus, the action plan you create will save you LOADS of wasted time throughout the year. It’s worth it pinky promise!)

Okay but seriously …how much time will this ACTUALLY take to watch and implement?

The 3 main sesssions are about 90 minutes each. For the Day 1 and Day 2 sessions, you’ll have some fun “homework” in order to actually implement the content and to create your vision + plan for the year, and you’ll want to set aside a minimum of 1-2 uninterrupted hours for each of these two “homework” sessions. 

Alternatively, you could spread this 3-day workshop out over 5-7 days so that each day requires less time. For example, you could watch Day 1, then take 1-2 days to implement and do the Day 1 “homework,” watch Day 2, then taken another implementation day and so on. It’s 100% doable!

And trust me, the time that you set aside to do the work will be 100% WORTH IT since it has the potential to radically change not just your year, but your entire life (for the better!)

Okay BUT … I feel like going after my dreams isn’t realistic with how many responsibilities I’ve currently got, my crazy schedule and everything that’s going on with the pandemic. How will this even be doable once I’ve got my vision and plan?

I know that it can seem completely daunting and impossible, however pretty much everything that we’ll be covering in the workshop is to make it DOABLE and 100% possible! (Because it is.) We’re gonna be talking about things like subconscious reprogramming, taking inspired action (VS busy work), aligning your energy and keeping it SIMPLE- all of which are geared to help you create the outcome that you desire with less work, pushing and pressure.

We’re ALSO gonna talk about how to let go of the limiting beliefs that are likely keeping you stuck and small … and maybe from taking any action at all. (Like perhaps the question itself of “is this even realistic?” is a belief that needs busting!) 😉 

Plus, you don’t necessarily have to go after some “giant” and seemingly “unattainable” dream or goal right out of the gate! You could simply aim for something small that will add value to your life to start with, like taking small, incremental steps that will allow you to experience more peace, fun and fulfillment during your days. So you can start by going after a big dream, a small dream, or even a teeny TINY dream … but the important part is that you simply START.

I know you used to focus on teaching online business stuff … does this cover business stuff? Is it for entrepreneurs only?

This workshop does NOT cover online business stuff and is for both non-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs alike! As long as you’re wanting to start creating the life you’ve always imagined (either secretly or not-so-secretly), then this is for you!

Heck, even if you don’t know exactly what you want, (you just know that you’re ready to create more happiness, fulfillment, fun and freedom in your life), then this is for you!

I’m SO ready. How do I join the Design Your Dream Vision workshop?!

Ah, what a great question with a super simple answer!
Just click right here to join the workshop today. 

This workshop is 10 years in the making …

But it’ll only take you about 3 days to implement. 😊

Design Your Dream Vision now and start creating the life of your dreams TODAY –
because you DESERVE to live a life that’s in alignment with who you are and what lights you up!

Sign up before it’s too late!


Now only $47!

(Pssst, lock in this ridiculously low price today because it’ll be going up soon!)

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